My great-great uncle travelled from Fort Garry to St. Albert in 1875 and later, as an Oblate priest in Lethbridge, took my orphaned grandfather under his wing. So my Alberta roots are fairly deep.  I was born in Calgary in 1952, one of a family of ten children raised a few blocks from the Bow River.  Books were a big part of our world, and so was nature; I got hooked on both and have never recovered.  Eventually I even wrote some books — mostly about nature.

I got tired of putting overly-long posts on Facebook and need a home for transcribed journals from my long-ago explorations of the wild. This blog site is for those who love nature and the wild — it’s meant to hold stories, musings and insights about the things that live beneath the Chinook arch and those of us who care about that world. Basically, it’s an outdoor writer’s archives, shared.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. This sounds great Kevin. I am sharing it with my daughter who is an avid outdoors woman, spending part of each week exploring the mountains and the trail systems.


    1. If I can ever figure this WordPress thing out, I’m hoping to offer lots to read. That will take a while though! It was great to see your comment pop up — it means something is working!


  2. Thank you! Loved your article on wheat and it’s warming properties!
    Overall, I am interested in the ecology of Alberta and protecting it. First joined your group on Cabin Mountain hike las year!


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